Hire your nearshore developer remotely and pay them effortlessly

  • Hire nearshore and pay your developer in all Latam.
  • Recruit developers in minutes
  • Customized payroll solutions for your team
  • Hire nearshore and pay your developer in all Latam.
  • Recruit developers in minutes
  • Customized payroll solutions for your team

Helping hundreds of companies

expand their vision

The best solution for rapidly growing companies

Hire your international remote developer legally and pay them easily

We provide support for you at all times. We enable you to pay your contractors or employees all at once. Just one click away!

Streamline your global hiring, compliance, and payroll process within minutes.

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Stay above of compliance

Every generated contract complies with local laws, and we also verify the documents of all of your contractors and employees.

Onboard and pay your employees and contractors.

What do you get when building your team developers with us?

Streamlined payments.

Easy and compliant contracts.

Happier and more productive teams.

What makes us different

At Pagovision Nearshore we are proud to be a company built by and for the next generation of workers. We don’t believe in barriers or endless paperwork. We keep everything simple and user friendly.

Full solutions

Forget about payroll, tax obligations, and human resources management, we take care of it!

We're on your side

We offer expert guidance on local taxes and regulations and customer support, at all times.

We help you retain your talent

When hiring with Pagovision Nearshore, your employees can access a variety of benefits in different categories.

Build the best team

We help you scale your global team quickly and easily.

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Contract anywhere in Latin America quickly, compliantly and reliably with Pagovision Nearshore.


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