DevOps Engineer

Responsible for Defining and setting development, test, release, update, and support process for cloud DevOps Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools monitoring the processes during the entire lifecycle for its adherence. Encouraging and building automated processes wherever possible Identifying and deploying cyber security measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management Incidence management and root cause analysis Coordination and communication within the team and with customers Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools to automate both infrastructure and application deployments Strive for continuous improvement of CI/CD pipeline Mentoring and guiding the team members Work to implement pipeline SRE monitors

The candidate must have technical skills to review, verify, and validate the software code developed in the project and skills, experience with AWS platform, products, and services, have excellent communication and collaboration skills to work with IT operations and development teams, and knowledge of Agile principles


Cloud Infrastructure Automation

  • Evangelize infrastructure as code for the deployment of cloud infrastructure
  • Using Terraform build, maintain, upgrade and version a library of infrastructure modules that can be reused for new deployments
  • Perform cloud infrastructure deployments using Terraform in CI/CD environment
  • Operate as release authorizer, approving pull requests, validating code quality standards are met

Configuration Management

  • Using tools such as Ansible and packer, build operating system and application configuration templates
  • Perform operating systems and application configuration deployments across fleets of servers and cloud infrastructure
  • Build and maintain docker images and Serverless Lambda scripts

Release Management – CI / CD

  • Develop support and maintain CI/CD pipelines for infrastructure and application releases
  • Develop and maintain branching strategies that automate releases across environments
  • Develop automated testing strategies both unit and integration for both infrastructure and application releases
  • Deploy, support, maintain the version control and CI systems

Site Reliability Engineering

  • Evangelize a SRE practice within cloud operations
  • Design and assist implementing automated solutions for cloud operations activities such as on-call monitoring, performance, capacity planning and disaster recovery response

Cloud Migration

  • Assist with the implementation of workload and application migration activites from on-premise to the enterprise cloud
  • Assist with application reviews with a focus on cloud relocation Provide recommendations and standards that must be adhered to green light an application migration.

Education & Experience

  • Required: 5 years
  • English Level: C1

Certifications, Licenses & Registrations

  • Required: Bachelors Degree or Post graduate in technology related discipline or 10 years of experience

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

    • Continuous Delivery – deep understanding of CD/CI and familiarity with tools such as AWS CodeDeploy, Codebuild, CodePipeline. Experience with CD tools such as GitHub, Jenkins, Gitlab, Spinnaker, etc.
    • Cloud expertise on AWS Services, tools, and best practices
    • Observability Skilled in implementing monitoring, logging and alerting solutions and knowledge of Amazon CloudWatch, AWS X-Ray, and Amazon SNS
    • Infrastructure Familiarity with infrastructure tools such as CloudFormation, Terraform, AWS CDK to insure objects are documented, version controlled, and reliably replaced with appropriate provisioning tools
    • Configuration Management Able to codify, and setup Configuration Management with tools such as PowerShell DSC and other tools
    • Containers Familiarity with Microservices and Serverless, and tools such as Docker, container registries, Kubernetes
    • Operations For troubleshooting issues, have experience with web servers, Nodejs, and GoLang
    • Database Administration Knowledge on data stores such as PostgreSQL, read and write SQL code, and be familiar with NoSQL data stores like AWS DynamoDB, MongoDB, graph database and Data Services (EMR, MSK, DMS, Kinesis, RDS, Redshift, SQL server)
    • Automation Experience and expertise with scripting languages such as Python, JavaScript and PowerShell for Windows. Experience with AWS Lambda (serverless function services), CloudWatch Events, SNS and others
    • Storage Services – EC2, EC S, Lambda, s3, Fargate, system manager, EFS / EBS backup

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