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If you see an opportunity that requires international developers, chances are your competitors do too. We have our own business entities established in almost every country in Latin America, which means the legwork required for you to hire and manage international developers is already done. We are your competitive advantage. Whenever you need to get somewhere fast

The global payroll solution

When it comes to payroll solutions, we have a variety of options that benefit both, your company and your contractor.

With Pagovision Nearshore paying your global talent has never been easier!

Consolidate payroll processing

We have designed a fast and effective payroll system that will streamline your payment process.

We are in the country for you and your candidate.

  • Our teams developers are not virtual, they are real. We are on the ground, ready to help you and your in-country team members at any time.
  • When you work with us, you work with the experts.
  • We are able to solve problems in-house, answering all your employment law questions without delay.

Our technology puts everything in one place.


Manage the number of international employees without the international headache, from any device.

No more email, no more time-consuming spreadsheets. Streamline international recruitment, onboarding and the entire HR administrative process with a single dashboard and no hidden fees.

Our technology makes it easy for you to generate a locally compliant employment contract to hire anyone, anywhere, anytime.

We have our own entities around the world for you.


We are all set up in-country so you can contract in days, not months.
With total end-to-end control, we don’t have a fragmented approach like our competitors.
We have compliance in confinement. You manage your business while we manage the risk.






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We simplify the entire process from beginning to end, and offer alternatives that benefit both, your company and your contractor.

Easy payments

We take care of all the payments

No paperwork!

We take care of all your paperwork


Reduces your payroll costs substantially

Reduce payroll costs

We do not charge any additional fees while paying your remote team. 

Pay your remote  team

Step by step

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Approval payment

Pending for paid

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Pay now

Pay your invoices.

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Review invoices

Check all your bills

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