Hire Nearshore developers without opening a single entity

With our Employer of Record Service, we enable you to onboard the new talent, faster and easier than ever before.

Build a global team with the best international developers

Offer candidates many forms of employment with competitive benefits in compliance with their local regulations.

We got person to person assistance

Each developer will be assigned a concierge manager who will give them a unique experience.

Save yourself all the paperwork

Forget about payroll, tax obligations, and human resources management, we have you covered! We work with experts in local employment law and handle the entire hiring process for you, saving you time and money.

Hire Employer of Record (EOR) in the Americas and more!

Hire full-time employees with us in all Latin America. We are expanding worldwide! Soon, we will be opening up new markets!

Why choose Pagovision Nearshore as your EOR



At Pagovision Nearshore we don’t charge any hidden fee.
Hire Top international talent, while saving the money and hassle of doing another legal entity.

Developer retention

Developer retention

Your developers deserve the best, at Pagovision Nearshore we have exclusive world-class benefits and partnerships that allows us to offer perks for your developers.

100% person to person support

100% person to person suport

Get the best experience:

We give your special support



Onboard and hire new developers in less than 3 days*. When it comes to hiring, time is crucial. Get ahead of your competitors by onboarding your new talent in a fraction
on the time.



You don’t need to learn about labor and tax regulation.

Just leave the payroll and hiring processes in our hands.



Creating a broad talent pool is easy and risk-free, without having to create and entity or worrying about misclassification.

Our employment process explained.

1. Onboarding an employee

Give us the new developers details and salary(wage) information. Depending on the requirements of each country, we can make the background checks and have the medical exams set up.

2. Developer agreement

Pagovision Nearshore provides an agreement that is compliant with local laws.

3. Developer begins

The developer reports to you as usual and is ready to work!

4. Salary payment

The developer are paid, and receive local benefits.

5. Manage details

Your company gives us the details and or changes. We provide 100% support to both your organization and your developers.


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