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We share with you the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our specialists.

What are the Pros of nearshore developers?

One of the advantages of outsourcing is that it lightens the workload for your company and benefits tax deductibility.

Our development center is all over Latin America. Countries where the cost of living is lower, compared to U.S.A or Europe.

What would be my responsibilities if I contract the Nearshore developers service?

As an employer you are obliged to follow all the guidelines of the Labor Law and with the outsourcing service you are not exempt from this.

At Pagovision Nearshoring we take full charge of the contracts, the on-boarding process, expense management, benefits and payments; always complying with the legal norms of each country.

How is performance measured in the Pagovision Nearshore developers service?

The most frequent parameters to measure the performance of remote contracting is to monitor and identify the benefits achieved, for example in Pagovision Nearshore our purpose is to take the payroll processes (salaries) of your employees and make action plans according to the needs of your company.

Pagovision Nearshore responsible for payroll:

Stop making individual payments and calculating complicated local taxes in each country. Pay your entire team every month with a single payment. Pagovision Nearshore makes sure they get paid on time.

Is it true that outsourcing violates labor rights?

When carried out in the correct manner, subcontracting does not violate any of the worker’s labor rights. This is because they are granted all the benefits corresponding to their employment as established by law.

At Pagovision Nearshore we help hundreds of technology professionals throughout Latin America to get the job of their dreams in major companies in the USA and Canada.

What should I consider when choosing an outsourcing company?

Investigate the company you wish to hire

 You should make sure that it has the necessary and sufficient material elements to carry out its employer obligations. Ask them to specify the guidelines they follow and the processes they carry out in the selection of personnel.

 Request a meeting with Pagovision Nearshore and resolve all your doubts.

 Once you have hired them, verify that monthly payments are being made to the employee in a timely manner. In the same way, make sure that the legal benefits are being fulfilled and that there are no irregularities.

Why choose Pagovision Nearshore when hiring personnel for your company?

In Pagovision Nearshore we have the payroll management service. We take care of your employees’ salaries and help you with administrative issues, and our staff is constantly trained to perform this service with total responsibility and professionalism.

 Strict security measures make data theft impossible. Pagovision Nearshore understands, respects and appreciates a client’s concern for cyber security.

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